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Ways to Stress Less


This includes deep breathing, prayer, or even focusing on a calming word—like “relax.” Or “avocado.” (Okay, the second one’s probably just us.) Like a lot of people, we used to think meditation was “just sitting and not thinking”—and that we couldn’t do it. But we’re going to show you all the secrets that helped us learn.


Is there a list exercise isn’t on? (Kind of a show-off, if you ask us.) But working out can help us breathe deeper, release muscle tension, and wear more neon spandex.

Workouts with flowing movements

Think yoga and tai chi. (Or interpretive dance.) Exercises with slow, fluid movements can also help us slow down our breathing, inhale and exhale more deeply, and boost our focus.

Spending time with loved ones

Spending time with people we care about—and reaching out to them for support—can help us handle stress better. (Finally, a reason to not mute the notifications on that never-ending group text of yours.)

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