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Weight loss Affirmations

Weight loss affirmations: goes along with having regular green vegetables, fruits, portion size control nuts, seeds, and proteins intake plays significant role in loosing healthy weight.

Self talk becomes your new reality. This will not happen overnight but when you regularly listens, write it or say it out louder for 21 days. You will see the positive results that you looking for.

  1. I am a living a healthy lifestyle.

  2. I have a faster metabolism.

  3. I am attening and maintaining my desired weight.

  4. It is very easy for me to loose weight.

  5. I am eating organic natural foods.

  6. I love exercising.

  7. I am now creating healthy habits.

  8. I find it easy to be in my healthy weight.

  9. My body is slim, fit and healthy body.

  10. I am in my ideal weight.

  11. I love myself unconditionally.

  12. I can do this. Losing weight is fun for me.

  13. I burn calories every breath I take.

  14. I dedicated to lose weight for me.

  15. I drink high PH water to stay hydrated.

  16. I follow intermittent diet and it's working.

  17. I drink enough water.

  18. I use natural juice to stay motivated.

  19. I love fruits and vegetables salads.

  20. Everyday I am getting more satisfied with my body input and output.

  21. I can do this. I am doing it. My body is working hard. I appreciate everything about it.

  22. I am in shape. I am in perfect condition.

  23. I am dedicated in this whole process.

  24. I am blessed with beautiful body.

  25. I am strong. I am lean and toned.

I hope this help you heal faster. It's all about healing it from mind by reprogramming it. Anything is possible when you believe in it. Having faith plays a great role.

Let me know if you have anything that you would like to add. Or add your experiences.



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