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4 reasons to add more plants to your diet

Personal health


Water Pollution

Animal Welfare

(1). Personal health

  • Heart health: eating more plant based can lead to disease free life, even later on free from life threatening strokes and diabetes disease.

  • Cancer prevention : eating late amonut of processed and red meat products can cause cancer.

  • Foodborn illness : meat and dairy products are responsible for foddborn illnesses and animal waste responsible for harming the produce farms.

  • Antibiotic resistant : over crowded livestocks facilities builds dengerous amount of salmonella and E.coli.

(2). Climate

  • Reduce gas house emissions such as Co2 and methane

  • Reduce consumption of beef will help 10%off our total emissions

(3) Curb water pollution

  • Run off animal waste and chemical fertilizer

  • Toxic algae blooms

(4). Animal Welfare

  • More humane treatment of animals

  • Along with insects and vermins

Whether you remove animal protein from your diet entirely or replace it with plant-based protein a couple of times a week, your choices will benefit your own health and the health of the environment.

You simple diet has ability to save this planet. Please choose wisely. Give back to Mother Nature, in return you will be blessed with good health.

Please share this info with your loved ones to get educated and become happy and healthy.



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