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Foods for chakra healing

♥️ROOT CHAKRA : which represents our foundation and groundings. fruits such as apples, beets, tomatoes, pomegranates, strawberries and raspberries helps to heal. In vegetables Sweet potatoes, carrots, turnips, garlic, parsnips, onions, rutabaga, ginger and turmeric. Also protein rich foods such as beans, nuts and paprika, cayenne and horseradish.

🧡Sacral Chakra: which represents creativity, passion, intimacy and connection. Carrots, mango, oranges, orange peppers, peaches, apricots and sweet potatoes. Nuts and seeds such as flex seeds, almonds, walnut, coconut and sesame. Cinnamon in spices and drinking plenty of water will help to heal this chakra.

💛Solar Plexus Chakra: which represents self worth, confidence and the power of transformation. Bananas, pineapple, corn, lemons and yellow curry will help. Also in complex carbs oats, brown rice, rye ferro, beans, vegetables and sprouted grains will help to heal this chakra.

💚The Heart Chakra: represents love, forgiveness, inner peace and joy. Kale, broccoli, spinach, chard, dandelion greens, parsely, celery, cucumber, zucchini, matcha, green tea, avacado, lime, mint, peas, kiwi, peas, spirulina, green apples ..etc

🩵The throat chakra: represents communication and expression. Blueberry and blackberries. Coconut water, herbal teas, lemon, apples, vegan honey, pears and plums will help to heal this chakras.

💜Third eye chakra: represents imagination, intelligence and trust. Purple grapes, purple kale, blueberries, purple cabbage, eggplant and purple carrots. Raw Almond and cacaos energy bits will help to heal this chakras.

💙Crown Chakra: represents oneness, spirituality and connectivity. Detoxing, fasting, meditation will help to heal and also sage, lavender, frankincense and juniper will help to balance this chakra.

I hope this information helps to clarify that how our nature made Whole Foods are excellent source of healing and keeping us healthy. Disease free life can be achievable. Stay positive and think positive.

Comment below for more information about chakra healing foods.



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