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How to solve a problem.

💆‍♀️(1). Understand the situation completely. Do not try to analyze it or quick to judge it. Take it easy and take your time.

😌(2). Clarify your goal and what you want to achieve: be true to yourself. Write it down somewhere which will remind you to be on track.

👌(3). Figure out cause of the problem: let's say if it is you that can't loose weight figured out what is it that you are doing wrong? Face it.

💕(4). What do you need to know to solve the issue? Mindset, being honest to yourself to Selfcare and selflove. To heal.

🚨(5). Where can you find the information/who has the information? Doing research. Knowing who is trying there best in the business. Who has the enough knowledge to help you get there.

🙌(6). What needs to be done to resolve the problem? Believe in yourself. Trust your intuition. Believe in your higher self. Form of exercise, clean diet, and regular sleep might help lose weight. To gain respect back!

⭐️(7). Find the best actions to achieve your goal: find the program that works for you. Believe in getting positive results. Get your value back. Get that mobility back.

📣(8). Put the actions into plan and start implementing it. Work on yourself to heal rest of your family. Share the positive knowledge to others so positive energy comes back to you.

🤗Share this information with your loved ones to heal their problems.

Thanks again


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