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Mudras for weight loss

☀️Surya Mudra: activates the fire energy in the body. Allows to restore the fire balance. Improves digestion via boosting the metabolism in the body.

☀️Kapha-Nasak Mudra: the body types are vatta, katha and pitta. Represents fire, earth and air forces in our body. By removing excess kapha elements from the body and resetting the fire elements causes to have balance in digestion.

💨Vyana Mudra: associated with element of air. Help people more self aware and practice higher range of consciousness. It becomes lot easier to control weight and cut down on fat efficiently.

🚨Prana Mudra: helps to activate energy in the body and allows organ to function efficiently. Regularly doing this Mudra helps to activate root chakra which allows easily flow of energy which yield to best results.

✅Linga Mudra: represents positivity over negativity. Also awakens fire in the body, which activates the fire in stomach also balance out any gut issues.

🫶Hakini Mudra: activates mental function, memory and concentration power. Makes it more aware of what you are eating and generates mindfulness.

❣️Chinmaya Mudra: balances air in the body. Clears out all the stomach issues such as blotting, gas and acid reflux.

🤩Gyan Mudra: improves the concentration of the mind and allows the bodily and mental functions to flow easily. Also help in sleep cycle. Useful in boosting metabolism and shed off excess weight.

😍Su chi Mudra: relives chronic constipation. Your gut bacteria will be stronger. Rebalancing fire energy in the body.

💯Having balanced diet will help to reduce belly fat along with doing this Mudras. Greater results can be achieved with Empty stomach doing this Mudras in the morning for up to 6 weeks to reprogram your brain waves. 💯

🤩👌Share it with your friends and family to rise above your issues. Make other educated about this healing methods. 💕

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