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Healing Spices

Healing Spices of winter season:

  1. Ginger: drinking ginger tea helps to treat headaches and upset stomach like nausea.

  2. Nutmeg: very effective when you are suffering from insomnia. Regain sleep balance.

  3. Clove: contains active ingredient eugenol, which is natural anesthetic for toothache.

  4. Cinnamon: kills off unwanted bacteria in mouth causing bad breath.

  5. Turmeric: for cuts and burns helpful in speeding up recovery on those area. Instant relief.

  6. Fenugreek: treats hair fall, baldness and thinning of hair.

  7. Black whole Peppers: treats cough and cold added with some maple syrup. Gets the job done.

  8. Star anise: restoring physical and emotional energy. Helping in digestive discomfort, and easing menstrual cycle.

  9. Dried red peppers: helps in lowering skin and colon cancers. And because of heat make you want to eat less. So that means helps in loosing weight.

  10. Cardamom: detoxification, improve digestion and immune response.

  11. Fennel seeds: relieves bloating, aid in digestion, improves menstrual cycle.

I hope I have listed most of them that we can find easily in our kitchen. Old people used to say that our medicine is in our everyday kitchen. SO TRUE.

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