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Nine days of Navratri

Each day has story of Maa Durga's different forms (Avtar) represented as incarnation of Goddess. It's celebration of victory of good over evil.

(1). Shilaputri: she considered to be reincarnation of shiv's first wife sati. The worship of Goddess Shailaputri is undertaken to reach a high state of consciousness. Yellow color is worn to celebrate first day of Navratri and which represents celebrations and joy and to get rid of evil thoughts.

(2). Brahmachari: recantation of Parvati. She went through most difficult penance to achieve sacred meditation. Color of green is used to, one can evoke blessings for spiritual knowledge, growth and peace.

(3). Chandraghanta: Durga symbolizes strength via riding on tiger, half moon represents supreme bliss through knowledge and emotional balance. Wearing grey on this day will enable worshippers to stay rooted.

(4). Kushmanda: Goddess Durga which is a form of Parvati and creator of this universe. fourth day of the festival of Navaratri and she is believed to improve health and bestow wealth and strength. Organ he bright color woren to generate the feeling of warmth and exuberance among worshippers.

(5). Skandamata: Skanda is the name for war god Kartikeya and Maa meaning mother. She represents motherly affection. Worshipping the goddess in this form is said to bring wisdom, wealth, power and prosperity. Color of serenity and peace represents woren to impede Goodess.

(6). Katyayani: she destroys all evil forces of universe. She kills demon mahishasura. She is invoked with prayers to put an end to all our inner turmoil. The vibrant red symbolising infinite courage, intense passion and love is the colour for this day.

(7). Kalaratri: god of dark night. Kalaratri With this worship, devotees get the solace and comfort at night to rest as the goddess destroys the fear of darkness. Royal blue that stands for elegance is the colour for this day.

(8). Mahaguari: signifies inner beauty and freedom. She also represents nature, for the energy that propels life forward. The sublime pink symbolising affection and feminine charm is worn on this day for harmony and kindness.

(9). Siddhidarti: She is worshipped for going beyond the logical mind to explore more. It is said she makes the impossible, possible. The vibrant purple is the colour of this day, and for stability and richness.

🥰Wow. Just amazing all forms are mind blowing. So good to be educated on our own religion and culture of Goddess. How powerful can women be to kill of all negative forces of this universe.

🫶Please share this information with your loved ones to help them heal! Comment below for more!



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