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Vegan lean protein foods for weight loss

✅In order to loose weight fast increases the amount of protein intake will help you out to regulate hunger hormone and eating less simple carb and unhealthy fat. Protein helps to build muscle, the body tend to burn more calories and you loose weight.

🥰The United States Food and Drug Administration defines a lean protein food to have less than 10 gm of fat and less than 95 mg of cholesterol per 100 gm serving. Lean protein helps in repairing cells, in production of hormones of enzymes, and weight loss. Lean protein, since it is low in fat, carbs, helps to build muscle and trim the waistline. It also helps to bring down saturated fat intake. Lean protein scores well when it comes to weight loss because most proteins are high in saturated fats and cholesterol and when you go overboard with proteins, it can be counter-productive with regards to weight loss.

👌These are the vegan lean protein foods will help you loose weight:

Tofu, Greek plantbased yogurt, low fat Plantbased cottage cheese, beans, lentils, legumes, dal, almonds, almond milk, low fat other plant based milks, hemp seeds, Mashrooms, quinoa, spirulina, chickpeas, guavas ..etc 👍

🤞Protein helps to repair and regenerate cells and body tissues. With regards to weight loss, protein keeps you full for a longer period and boosts the release of satiety hormone “leptin” and necessary for the synthesis of important hormones and essential enzymes, also for the creation of antibodies to strengthen the immune system. Talking about calories, a gram of carbohydrate has 4 calories, fat has 9 calories, and protein has 4 calories (the same as carbs). Protein also has thermogenic effect and requires more calories to break it down during digestion. A serving of protein should be about the size of your palm.

Please feel free to share this information to those who are on these journey of loosing unwanted weight! Comment below for free collaboration.



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