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Vegetarian to VEGAN Diet

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

🫶First of all I would like to begin this conversation by saying thank you for choosing vegetarian diet for you and your family. Why because we don't believe in killing or harming any other beings. They all have feelings and having compassion towards them. But now I want to think beyond some persepectives eating healthy foods and rejecting things made out of someone leftover parts, treated with hormones, antibiotics, carcinogenic, blood, sweat, tears and feces.

🤗Me leaving the cow's milk not only for my health issues but also the way they treat them. It's very much inhumane. I believe in everyone should be treated equally with kindness and respect. But now days they use cows and calf as an business opportunity. They take away the calf at very younge age, they steal her calf's milk from the mother, they ended up dying at very early age. I don't want to accept this kind of unfairness in our society anymore.

😱I knew that eggs only come from laying hens, but I didn’t want to know what this meant for the doomed male chicks born in the egg industry (who are all killed soon after hatching), or that the hens live a horrible life in factory farms. 

⚡️I knew that honey was made by bees, but I didn’t want to know how they would react when the beekeeper stole it from them, and that many would die in bee farming. 

📣My addiction to cheese later on understood that casein was the drug and also causing high cholesterol from milk, cheese, eggs and so on. After changing to vegan I came to realize that I glad I did it to save animals and my health. If you haven't then at least start considering this vegan diet and I promise you will change your life forever.

👊Consider me as an GOD sent healer to help you understand more about this problem and cure out of it.

💯Trully yours for TRUE guidance


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