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Emotional eating Affirmation

What happens when you are emotionally (stressed out) dealing with something?

Answer: Stress causes increase in cortisol hormone and that eventually triggers increase in appetite (hunger hormone)and person ends up eating sugary and fatty (unhealthy)foods. Usually people start to eat cakes, cupcakes, pizza, fries and burgers... etc


  • I have healthy relationship with food.

  • I am in control of what and when I eat

  • I am overcoming my comfort eating habits

  • I can easily snack on healthy foods

  • I have the strength to stop comfort eating

  • I am understanding what I do when I am in stress

  • I am overcoming my bad habits into good habits

  • I know now how to deal with my anxiety and stress levels

  • I always stic to my regular meal times

  • I am consistent with my new approach towards my action and thoughts

  • By knowing myself I know what I should be doing

  • I love myself and knowing more about me makes me happy and healthy

  • My mind has a strong and healthy connection to my body

  • I love my body, soul and spirit

  • I can easily reconstruct my meals due to parties that I attended yesterday

  • I understand the unhealthy calories doing to my body

  • I love my body

Repeat this affirmation for 21 days and see the magic with in you. Either day or night. read it, say it out louder or write it watch or listen to it.

Help yourself first to help others.

Please comment below for more information.

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