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Stop Overeating Affirmation

You can read it out loud, write it in your journal or listening to it may help overcome these bad habits.

  1. I am lovable.

  2. I deserve respect and love.

  3. I am healthy.

  4. I care for myself.

  5. I am learning new things that heal my body one step at a time.

  6. Planning healthy meals is a joy.

  7. I am greatful for this amazing food.

  8. I feel great when I take care of myself.

  9. All that I need is within me.

  10. I am willing to slow down and take time to nourish myself.

  11. This food is healing me.

  12. I listen for when I am satisfied and full.

  13. My body heals and strengthens with every bite I take.

  14. I am well nourished in preparation for the day ahead of me.

  15. I am willing to take this time to nurture myself.

  16. I am greatful to be choosing food that supports my best health.

  17. I love spending time in kitchen.

  18. My kids and family love to eat healthy foods.

  19. I am trustworthy. I can rely on me.

  20. I am confident in the workings of my mind.

  21. I enjoy excellent health.

Repeat this affirmation for 21 days and see the magic with in you. Either day or night.

Help yourself first to help others.

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